enables your school, club, association or organisation to enjoy all the benefits of a secure and reliable two way SMS messaging system, without any set up or ongoing costs. works in much the same way as the FREEPOST service whereby the receiver of the post pays for the postage. The messaging centre has been designed with complete simplicity in mind and it is very easy to use. User Guide Here..
Your members only pay for the message they receive at the normal Standard Network Rate. This is charged on their mobile on receipt. There is no subscription charge for your members to use the service. No advertisements will be sent to your members and their data is hosted securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The cost per SMS to your members depends on which network provider they use. For example a parent or member would currently pay 9 cent per SMS if on O2 billpay, other networks vary.
How Do I Get Started ?
Once you create an account you can begin using the system immediately. There is no software to install and YOU DO NOT NEED Excel or CSV files to bulk upload your contacts. To obtain permission from your members to send them reverse billed SMS, you must ask them to complete a Registration Form and return it to you. Once permission is received you can then add them to your system begin sending messages. Alternatively, registration forms can be posted to our offices for free data entry. You can also invite members to join by sending them an invitation SMS which must be paid for by the sender.
Who Can Use ? is only available to Schools, Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs, Social Clubs, Residents Associations, Charities and other Non Profit Organisations. This service is currently only available in The Republic of Ireland.
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